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Adirindhi - Paalinchara Pilloda Video Song

adirindhi - paalinchara pilloda video song

adirindhi - paalinchara pilloda video song

Dr. Bhargav (Vijay), a revered doctor who treats the poor for just Rs. 5, is believed to have committed a series of murders in India as well as Paris.  A cop (played by Sathyaraj) traces him in Hyderabad and starts an interrogation.

All the killed have a commonality: they all belong to the medical profession.

While the cops are clueless, it's revealed that Vijay, who looks exactly like Bhargav, is on the prowl.  An unscrupulous medical business magnate named Daniel (SJ Suryah) is his next target and he himself is caught in a bind towards the climax.

Why do the magician and businessman want to kill each other is revealed in an emotional flashback that is the crux of the screenplay.

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