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Karthavyam | Pidugulu Padinaa Ninu Vidi Pomey Video Song

karthavyam | pidugulu padinaa ninu vidi pomey video song

karthavyam | pidugulu padinaa ninu vidi pomey video song

Madhu (Nayanthara) is a District Collector under whose jurisdiction is a dry village named Velnadu.  Rams and Sunu Lakshmi are two daily wage-earners in this water-scarce village.  Their son (Vignesh of 'Kaaka Muttai' fame) is passionate about swimming and their daughter Dhansika is barely five.

As fate would have it, Dhansika falls into an uncovered borewell.  All hell breaks loose for her poor parents, who wail out of their hearts even as the administration struggles to marshal its resources to save the child.

This is when the duty-minded and ever-so-alert Madhu goes out of her way to stir the entire administration into getting its act together in saving Dhansika from certain death.  In her attempts, Madhu not only has to take risky and spontaneous decisions but also has to face a series of stumbling blocks in the form of inhuman musclemen, political pressure, bureaucratic sloth, and the bane of Nature all while calming down the restive villagers.

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