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Adire Dhada Puttinde Full Video Song || Dwaraka

adire dhada puttinde full video song || dwaraka

adire dhada puttinde full video song || dwaraka

Dwaraka” gets to the plot very quickly by introducing Srinivas(Vijay Deverakonda) as a small-time thief who cons people along with this two friends. One day, while trying to escape from a failed robbery attempt, Vijay takes refuge in an apartment complex named Dwaraka. Prudhviraj, who plays a pujari, conveniently proclaims Vijay to be Swami Krishnanand for his own benefit.

A series of lucky coincidences result in the Swami becoming famous for his problem-solving abilities. Seeing his fame, Prudhvi along with Prabhakar & others set up a trust in the Swami’s name to swindle the donations.

Oblivious to this, Vijay is enjoying his Swami avatar as it gives him a chance to interact with Vasudha(Pooja Jhaveri) with whom he is hopelessly in love with. In parallel, we have Ramakrishna (Murali Sharma), a rationalist, who has exposed fake Godmen and his latest target is Swami Krishnanand.


The second half sees Vijay trying to come clean about his Godman image to impress Vasudha while Prabhakar and others want him to continue the profitable drama. Soon, the CM (Prakash Raj) gets involved and the story gets complicated. How does Vijay handle the devotion of his followers and come out of the Swami act is what the rest of “Dwaraka” is about.

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