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Power Play (2021) Vijay(Raj Tharun) loves Keerthy(Hemal Ingle) and decides to marry her. He is also on the verge of getting a good government job. Right, when the couple convinces their elders to get married, a fake note scam gets Vijay in big trouble and things fall apart. What is this scam? Who is behind it? and how did Vijay solve his problems by himself? That forms the rest of the story..  (Mar 07, 2021)
Rating:  1.75/5

Director Vijay Kumar Konda attempts a thriller for the first time and tries to narrate two parallel plots side by side and tries to mix them in the end. But the way he treats the scenes is not that impressive and it ends up as a bore..

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Rating:  3/5

Cinematography by Andrew is one of the highlights and he brings in the mood for a thriller with his camera work. The music by Suresh Bobbili elevates the suspense. Prawin Puri’s slick editing helped the proceedings to move at a rapid pace. The Producers.

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Rating:  2.75/5

On the whole, Power Play is a crime thriller that has some engaging moments here and there. Raj Tharun does well in his new avatar and the twists showcased in the second half are executed quite well. Barring the dull emotions and a few dragged crime scene.

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Rating:  2.5/5

Power Play starts out well but goes down a slippery slope as the film progresses. A better treatment would’ve made this a must-watch..

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Rated 2.5 4