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Zindagi Inshort (2020) Zindagi inShort is an anthology of short films that portray ordinary life. Every story depicts different stages of life and bittersweet moments that accompany them. These films touch on online romance, the innocence of childhood, the confusion of old age, infidelity, marital rape, a woman owning her role in the family and standing up for yourself when it's the hardest to do so.  (Apr 17, 2021)
Rating:  4/5

For the most part though, Zindagi inShort proves to be worth your time. If you are in the mood to indulge in some web-watching this weekend, this omnibus of short, delectable nuggets of entertainment, sans the pressure of commitment to countless follow-up.

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Rating:  4/5

Zindagi inShorts is a concept that needs to be promoted. Watch it to see how a story can be told in a limited timeframe without compromising on anything. Watch it to see how varies pallet of stories we have and endorse. Also, 7 stories in just 2.5 hours a.

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Rated 4 2