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Anukoni Athidhi (2021) Fahadh Faasil plays a doctor who has been assigned the task of certifying a countryside mental asylum, which is helmed by a villainous, hypnotism-skilled Dr. Benjamin (Atul Kulkarni). The hero suspects that Dr. Benjamin's practices are problematic. As the drama unfolds in the British colonial-era mansion-like asylum, the hero realizes that Nitya (Sai Pallavi), one of the six inmates there, has been incarcerated. What does Dr. Benjamin want to hide from the hero? Can the hero discover all the hidden secrets? Who is he? Answers to these questions are found as the story advances..  (Jul 10, 2021)
Rating:  0/5

All in all, “Anukoni Athidhi” is a psychological thriller that provides mixed feelings. But can watch it for the final 15 minutes and the lead pair’s performances. Be prepared to know that the pace is too sluggish. Bottom Line: Climax thrills.

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Rating:  2.75/5

Anukoni Athidhi' can be watched once. Its storyline and performances are its best assets. On the flip side, the movie lacks a gripping narration..

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Rating:  2.5/5

There’s a huge competition to deliver interesting content on OTT space. The viewers always have option to switch to better content unlike in cinemas. On the whole, Anukoni Athidhi fails to thrill. The audience need not invite this guest.

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Rated 1.75 3