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Lol Salaam (2021) A wicked politician(Harshvardhan) plans to burn down a village and its nearby area. This is also a time when the Naxalites are planning to save things in full flow. In such a time, five bachelors plan a getaway and get stuck in a landmine placed by the Naxalites. What happens later is the basic story of the show..  (Jul 20, 2021)
Rating:  2.5/5

'LOL Salaam' flattens the impact of its healthy premise. There are one too many characters and their situations are rare. Yet, the comedy-drama doesn't know what to do with them..

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Rating:  2/5

On the whole, Lol Saalam is a youthful comedy that goes wrong in many aspects. The logic goes for a big toss and the episodes lack any basic seriousness. Except for some witty comedy between the friends, this show ends a pretty silly watch with some over-the-top performances..

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Rated 2.25 2