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Needa (2021) Sharmila(Nayanthara) lives alone with her eight-year-old son Nithin who has the knack for telling crime stories to his classmates. One of Nithin’s classmates reveals this quality to his dad, John Baby(Kunchacko Boban). John finds Nithin’s stories interesting and gets a shock when he comes to know that some stories have happened in real life. How is Nithin managing to tell these stories? What is Sharmila’s connection to all this? and what is the whole mystery about? That forms the story..  (Aug 09, 2021)
Rating:  2.5/5

The narration is slow and the director did not reveal why Boban has a short temper and why he suffers weird experiences and what is his connection to that of a small child coming with horror stories and why he showed so much interest in helping Nayanatara. Cinematography is good in creating an impact and increasing suspense but with most of the characters remaining motionless, the angles became repetitive. Considering all these aspects,.

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Rating:  2.75/5

On the whole, Needa is a film that has a very interesting premise and is narrated well for the most part. But the steam goes down in the last half an hour disappointing the audience. All those who like thrillers can give this film a shot for its slick production values and star cast..

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Rated 2.625 2