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Jackpot (2019) Akshaya (Jyothika) and Maha (Revathi) are two conwomen, who often rob people on different occasions. After a point, they come to know about a magical vessel that has special powers. They get obsessed about it and plan to steal it any cost from Masthan’s(Anandraj) house. Will they be successful in their robbery? and what is the magical vessel all about. To know the answers, watch the film on a big screen..  (Aug 11, 2021)
Rating:  2.5/5

Jackpot works in parts for its occasional comedy, Anandraj’s antics and Jyothika’s bubbling attitude. Anyone expecting too much logic can give it a miss..

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Rating:  2.5/5

On the whole, Jackpot is a fantasy drama that falls flat with its narration. Except for a few laughs, the director missed out on a good subject and made the film commercial to please the masses. In this process, the narration goes for a toss and makes the film a pretty boring watch this weekend..

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Rated 2.5 2