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Vivaha Bhojanambu (2021) Mahesh (Satya) is a lower middle-class LIC agent in Hyderabad. He is a miser, but always claims that he is just “careful” with his money. He falls in love with Anitha (Aarjavee Raj) who hails from a rich family based in Vijayawada. Her father Venkateswara Rao (Srikanth Iyengar) reluctantly agrees to their marriage. As per the bride’s family tradition, the groom should carry out the engagement and wedding formalities. Worried about the sky-high expenses and left with no choice, Mahesh agrees unwillingly. What happens when COVID-19 strikes the city during the wedding? How does a frugal Mahesh host Anitha’s family at his home for weeks after weeks when PM Modi extends the lockdown? What lies did Mahesh and Anitha tell her family to get their approval? Why did Mahesh become a miser afterall? Will Anitha’s father finally accept a ‘poor and not so good looking’ Mahesh wholeheartedly? Watch the film on Sony LIV to know the full story..  (Aug 28, 2021)
Rating:  2/5

Casting Subbaraya Sharma, an actor who is well past his sell-by date, reveals the film's lack of interest to know what the audience wants. Comedian Sudarshan and 'Amrutham' fame Shivannarayana prove their worth. The film, in general, makes us pray for the lockdown to end so that the boring relatives can leave Mahesh's place and end the ordeal called 'Vivaha Bhojanambu.

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Rating:  2.75/5

With not many interesting elements in the store, Vivaha Bhojanambu is a passable film. Can try for a digital watch..

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Rating:  2.5/5

Once the movie ends, one can’t help but wonder if Vivaha Bhojanambu, instead on an OTT platform, would have fared slightly better in theaters, with audiences sharing a few laughs here and there. The film expects its audience to conveniently forget logic and only enjoy its comedy. So, if you are planning to watch Vivaha Bhojanambu this weekend, we suggest you to keep your expectations in check to enjoy this wedding feast better..

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Rated 2.4166666666667 3