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Ak Vs Ak (2020) Anurag Kashyap and Anil Kapoor play themselves in this mockumentary that captures the ego tussle between a boastful mainstream actor and a cocky indie film director. They have a bone to pick with each other. Who’s superior — actor or director?   The banter and jibes turn ugly. What follows answers the question raised.... who dances to whose tunes? Actor to director’s or vice versa. Things further escalate when Kashyap kidnaps Kapoor’s daughter Sonam (Sonam Kapoor in a special appearance). The actor must find her by sunrise. Kashyap captures the hunt on camera so we see the hostage drama unfold in real time over the course of a night. But there’s a twist and things are not as straight as they seem..  (Sep 29, 2021)
Rating:  4/5

All said and done, this is will go down as one of the best experiments done with filmmaking in the history of World cinema. Also, it’s not just about its novel concept; it’s about the little things team has managed to pitch in to create this one heck of a film!.

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Rating:  2.5/5

The background music is generic, diluting the thrill quotient of AK vs AK. The camerawork is up to the mark with closeup shots highlighting the vulnerability of the characters when needed. The editing, as mentioned previously, is not good enough. The....

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Rating:  4/5

For grabbing and holding on to our attention even as the phone buzzes with Twitter and Facebook notifications next to us, and making us chuckle at every filmi reference, we're going with 4 stars out of 5 for AK vs AK..

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Rating:  3.25/5

Several Hindi films over the decades have been set in the Hindi film industry, but none like this. In interviews, the team has revealed that Shahid Kapoor was initially cast as Kashyap’s co-lead but had date issues, which is when Anil Kapoor took over. This was fortuitous. Shahid is a fine talent, but it makes sense that the actor in the script should be a veteran who has nothing to lose by investing in a wild experiment and is secure enough to take a crazy, bizarre risk – whether I am referring here to Anil Kapoor the real-life actor or Anil Kapoor who is a character in this film is for you to decide. Either way, AK vs AK is unusual, fun although it dips, breezy despite the grimness that takes over as it rolls along, and such an unexpected Christmas gift from Bollywood..

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Rating:  3.5/5

All things considered, AK vs AK is a minor miracle. It's worth embracing with all our might. It is Hindi cinema's Halley's Comet. It is unlikely we will see anything like this ever again..

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Rating:  3/5

AK vs AK takes a jibe at Bollywood’s various traits — from mutual admiration to vanity to stars’ evident PDA across platforms, real and virtual. The film boldly tries to give you a reality check. It partially works as a satire, making commentary on the workings and culture of the industry. The thought is audacious, but the larger idea is thwarted by its own ambition to be desperately different..

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Rated 3.375 6