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Annabelle Rathore (2021) Annabelle Rathore tries hard to give Taapsee a double role. The first one is Rudra who, simply put, is a thief. She and her family can flick chains, wallets and phones with ease. And then there is the bizarre decision to cast her as a British woman named Anabelle, who marries an Indian Raja in the 1940s. The character has a dubbed firang accent, but the scenes never sit well. Soon, Rudra and her family end up inside the same palace which, unknown to them, has a reputation of being haunted. We are given some information about how Raja Devendra Singh Rathore (Vijay Sethupathi) built the humongous palace with marvellous artistry for his wife Anabelle. Things do not end well after Chandrabhan (Jagapathi Baby), the man who sold Rathore the land, becomes jealous and wants to grab the majestic property. In the present day, Rudra finds herself surrounded by ghosts. There are a few laughs tucked here and there because of special effects and the stereotypical ghost. For instance, a jar held by one of the ghosts hangs mid air, a sword comes dangerously close without anyone wielding it .  (Oct 03, 2021)
Rating:  1.5/5

Many suggested that Annabelle Sethupathi could appeal to kids. But, when you have body-shaming jokes and outdated ideas, even kids won't be able to endure the film..

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Rating:  1/5

Anabelle Sethupathi lacks focus, execution, has neither comedy nor horror. It only turns out to be frustrating and unbearable to watch..

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Rating:  2/5

How no one in the team ever pointed out at the falling kingdom is a surprise to me. The movie has the best things yet doesn’t turn out to be amazing..

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Rating:  2/5

It isn’t the sort of film that one should care much about, but it’s 2021 and to still use casteist slurs and make jokes about a character's complexion isn’t cool. The world has changed and clearly the makers did not get the memo..

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Rated 1.625 4