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Political Rowdy Political Rowdy movie is about a rowdy Panduranga Vittal(Mohan Babu) alias Pandu, who is a good-hearted rowdy who settles politicals disputes. He is a misogynist to boot and dislikes the prospect of marriage and remains a bachelor even at the age of 45. Kaveri (Charmme Kaur) is a naughty college student. She grabs the attention of Vithal and makes him fall in love with her. She does it for fun where as she is seriously in a love with another guy (Abbas). Vithal proposes her, but she could not say no to him due to fear. The rest is all about how all ends well..  (May 15, 2013)
Rating:  1.5/5

Some people would say that this movie is slow and boring. Some would say that it looks like an '80s print, and doesn't have the sleek, trendy look of modern films. Some would say that Mohan Babu isn't as charismatic or vivacious as he used to be. To al.

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Rating:  2.75/5

The plus point of the film is Mohan Babu's performance. The major drawbacks of the film are screenplay, direction and photography. On a whole, Political Rowdy disappoints. Mohan Babu has got extraordinary talent as an actor and it's sad to see his talen.

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Rated 2.125 2