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Puli (1985) Puli is action oriented movie in which, Kranthi (Chiranjeevi), an honest police officer who is deputed to the special branch. He has a sister named Lakshmi. Inspector Syam is a corrupt officer and works for Smuggler JK . One day,Syam causes an accident and as a result of which Radha, Kranthi’s fiancee, loses her eye sight and her brother gets killed in the accident. Kranthi goes on hunt and catches corrupt inspector Syam and his associate James. meanwhile, JK Kidnaps Radha and Lakshmi. Rest of the movie is all about how all ends well. .  (Oct 03, 2015)
Rating:  2.5/5

On the whole, Puli is a film with good concept and bad execution. The boring narration and lack luster screenplay spoils the mood of the film big time. Other than the impressive visuals and stellar performances by Vijay and Sridevi, this fantasy drama has.

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Rating:  1.5/5

"Puli" has its moments but they're short-lived -- like the wonderful stretch where Vijay embarks on an Indiana Jones kind of adventure. It's a great idea that goes haywire in the execution. Chimbu Deven is a creative filmmaker, one with good ideas, but do.

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Rated 2 2