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Okkadochadu (2016) Okkadochadu” starts out simply enough by showing DGP Chandrabose (Jagapathi Babu) as a daredevil cop who successfully captures Deva (Sampath) and recovers 50 crores from him. Vishal makes his entry as Arjun, the small town boy, who has come to the big bad city to pursue Divya (Tamanna). Despite being clueless about his background, Divya falls in love with Arjun and they are all set to take it forward. DGP Chandrabose, Divya’s brother, approves the match when in a sudden twist Arjun reveals his identity as a CBI officer and confiscates 250 crores from the DGP. In the next scene, it is revealed that Arjun is not a CBI officer and this was an elaborate plan to steal the 250 crores from the DGP and Deva who are working together!   What is Arjun’s motive for doing this? What is his background? How does he manage to evade the DGP and Deva who are in his pursuit? The answer to these questions is what the rest of “Okkadochadu” is all about!.  (Dec 23, 2016)
Rating:  2/5

The film would have done well with a gripping screenplay in the second half. Creative liberties could have been minimized. With a decent acting and technical output, this should work for votaries of a certain type of mass entertainers..

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Rating:  2/5

Overall Kaththisandai is an average flick which people can watch once to entertain themselves. It may satisfy the commercial fans but the weak story plot has been a major minus point of the film. Vishal takes revenge on the politician who does corruption .

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Rating:  2.25/5

“Okkadochadu” is the same old story in the same old bottle! There is not much to keep you engaged and the social message in the end seems forced..

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Rated 2.0833333333333 3