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Jack And Dil (2018) ack (Amit Sadh), a slacker who is a wannabe writer of detective novels is hired by Walia (Arbaaz Khan) to spy on his wife Shilpa (Sonal Chauhan) whom he suspects of having an affair. Things go out of hand when Jack ends up falling in love with his client's wife, leading to many complications. .  (Nov 02, 2018)
Rating:  1.5/5

Summing up, this supposed love triangle doesn't have passion, much less anything else. Looks like everyone had a paid vacation in Goa and came back happy, but forgot to shoot a film in the process....

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Rating:  1/5

Between Sadh's feelings for a dog, two girls and man he may or may not help reconcile with his wife, Jack and Dil feels like a marathon to nowhere. It's not funny when it ends with one..

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Rating:  1.5/5

Unless these three reasonably good artistes have big debts to clear, I don’t see a reason as to why anyone in their right minds would say yes to a chaotic rom-com like ‘Jack & Dil’..

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Rated 1.3333333333333 3