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Idam Jagath (2018) Nishit(Sumanth) is a man who suffers from sleep disorders. Because of this, he becomes a reporter and starts shooting crime scenes. In this process, he misuses the footage and starts earning money. This is also the time when he falls in love with Mahati(Anju Kurian). As time passes by, Nishit shoots a murder case and tries to make use of it for money. But to his bad luck, he gets entangled in an even bigger mess involving a big mafia set up. Rest of the story is as to how Nishit comes out of this mess and manages to become rich..  (Dec 28, 2018)
Rating:  2.5/5

The movie is a satire on today’s bad side of press, when crosses boundary, what can a reporter do is what the story is about. Its good story but love track spoiled the proceedings. People who likes to take different sort of cinema may give it a shot..

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Rating:  1.5/5

Also, director Gopi hasn't done any justice to the original Sathuranga Vettai. Looks like, he has mixed up both first half and second half of the original in the remake and created a Khichdi. He mishandled the wafer-thin plot. The film goes haywire. Scen.

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Rating:  2.75/5

On the whole, Idam Jagat has a very interesting premise and is narrated well for the most part. Sumanth’s role with negative shades and contemporary media set up and how news is created looks nice. But the disengaging love story obstructs the free flow .

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Rating:  2/5

Give this one a chance this weekend if you want to check out Sumanth being someone other than the quintessential lover boy and for the novelty of finally having a film that does not cop out when it comes to its lead character having sketchy ethics. But gi.

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Rated 2.1875 4