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Aaviri (2019) Rajkumar Rao (Ravi Babu) is a well-established businessman who leads a happy life with his wife and kids. But sadly, one of his kids dies of an Asthma attack and the other girl starts behaving in a weird manner by speaking with an invisible spirit. Who is this invisible spirit? Is it the soul of Rajkumar’s elder daughter? Why is it target Rajkumar Rao’s family? To know this, you have to watch the film..  (Nov 01, 2019)
Rating:  2/5

Aaviri' falls flat with a weak story. If its characters are lazily written, its climax is a cop out. Forget thrills and scares, this one will make you hoot in serious scenes..

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Rating:  1.25/5

Except for the pre climax twist there is nothing much to except in the movie. But the twist is not that great. People who are planning to buy a new house, remodel a house, or build a new house can consider watching this movie..

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Rating:  2/5

All in all, Aaviri is one more ignorable film for Ravi Babu. Except Dil Raju being the brand associated with, there is nothing to ignite us. Having lost his midas touch, Ravi Babu’s name might slowly disappear from main stream Tollywood if he continues .

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Rating:  2.25/5

On the whole, Aaviri is a spineless horror-thriller that lacks proper content and presentation. Looks like Ravi Babu, who is known for making different kinds of films has taken things for granted with Aaviri as the film is hardly engaging making it a mise.

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Rated 1.875 4