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47 Days (2020)

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47 Days (2020) Satya (Satya Dev), an ACP in Vizag, has been dying to find out the truth behind his wife Paddu’s (Roshini Prakash) death. Why did she commit suicide is an answer he needs to know, or he would spiral into an emotional morass. Months later, another suicide case of a businessman, which is handled by his friend Ravi (Ravi Varma), makes him believe that the two cases might be interconnected. A mysterious girl Juliet (Pooja Jhaveri) is also involved in this? What is the connection between these cases?.
durga ani(Jul 06, 2020)

This is a good movie with not more commercial scenes. Genuinely directed the movie with the suspenses.there are lot of drawbacks but movie is not that worst. Can watch the movie one time.

bhanu bhavani(Jul 06, 2020)

First of all i will appreciate cameraman for showing vizag that beautiful. Coming to movie direction is not up to mark. Music is one of the important for elevation of story,but weak background music. Hero acting is good. Heroine also acted well. Coming to thrills in the movie they did not satisfy that much. Overall this is an average movie.

priya roy(Jul 06, 2020)

This movie is not fully made with required thriller stuff. Just a thriller movie. No goosebumps scenes. Hero is a cop and his wife will die. He will be suspended for 6 months and he will become a drinker and when his friend tells him about the similar case as hero wife death. Hero will start investigation on this and there comes about a lady with drugs and all the movies turns from wife death to the mystery behind this deaths. Background music is not so effective.

jyo lucky(Jul 06, 2020)

This movie 47 days is little boring movie. This is a thriller but lacked good screenplay. Editing would have been done well. Satya dev acting is good. It's like one man show. But direction was not up to the mark. It's have diversions from the story. Can watch one time.

rajesh (Jul 06, 2020)

Satya dev is hero in this movie called 47 days which is a thriller and crime related story. Hero is assistant commissioner of police and his wife paddu was dead. He wants to know what happen to her and on the same day another murder will happen which was related to puddus death.hero will break the case in 47 days. Watch the movie to know more story.

Rated 2.6 5