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Bhanumathi Ramakrishna (2020)

Bhanumathi Ramakrishna (2020)

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Bhanumathi Ramakrishna (2020) Bhanumathi(Salony Luthra) is a 30-year-old software engineer who is a bit confused with her emotions and leads a mechanical life. She has a bad break up and is upset with the fact that her boyfriend has dumped because of her age factor. During this difficult phase, a small-town guy named Rama Krishna(Naveen Chandra) joins as her assistant. Bhanumathi gets even more upset because of Rama Krishna’s behavior but as time passes by, she falls for him. How do two people with different backgrounds and ideologies fall in love is the whole story of the film..
jyo lucky(Jul 05, 2020)

Movie is nice but not that entertaining. There are no commercial elements. Story running on the track without distraction. Story line is good. Direction is good but would have directed little better than this climax. Other than that everything is fine.

rajesh (Jul 05, 2020)

This movie is looking like the stories chi law sa,pelli chupulu.. entirely harsha comedy is good. Naveen acting is good. Mainly cinematography was good. Music is not heavy and not low it is moderate. Raja was seen as heroine ex boyfriend. Couple in heroine house also did good acting. small length movie. But climax is like it's hurry to end. If it was good movie would be in another level.

durga ani(Jul 05, 2020)

Good movie. Music is good. Story is also good. I liked this concept because hero has done good job as a village person and heroine also done well. Naveens simplicity and humor helped the story to get good result. Viva harsha comedy is also good. I liked the scene where heroine comes to hero home for dinner and with harsha that comedy scene is hilarious. Can watch this movie one time.

ram (Jul 05, 2020)

This film is mostly turns around the story of the heroine who was 30 and bossy and rejected by her boyfriend and she cannot accept that.hero naveen chandra was from tenali who comes to hyderbad on job purpose and he was alo rejected by a girl from alliance. He was 33 and still waiting for marriage. Now story is how they both fall in love? This movie is interesting to see but with just 90 minutes.

priya roy(Jul 05, 2020)

Bhanumathi and ramakrishna is a good movie. The story is bit slow but it will not bore you. Heroine is 30 years and he was rejected by her ex boyfriend because of her age. She is a strict and moderate girl who is a software employee and then hero enters their office as her assiatant. He cant speak good english and she will not treat him good. Later on she will love him.but the climax is very normal. Watch this movie to spend good time.

Rated 3.7 5