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Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya (2020)

Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya (2020)

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Uma Maheswara Ugra Roopasya (2020) Mahesh (Satya Dev) is a photographer who owns a studio in Araku town. He is in love with his schoolmate Swathi who is now working as a nurse in Hyderabad. He is a simple guy, leads a pretty ordinary life. A street fight in which he gets humiliated by Joginath has ramifications on his life. He vows not to wear slippers until he takes revenge on Joginath..
jyo lucky(Aug 05, 2020)

Uma maheswara ugra roopasya this is a remake movie from kannada. Director venkatesh maha has done well. Producer shobu yarlagadda who is known for bahubali. Positive points are hero acting camera work. Negative is needed some editing in first half. But movie is good. Some new concept by director. This will definitely work for audience..

bhanu bhavani(Aug 05, 2020)

Just now watched the movie. Good movie. All the village look gave by director was good. Music is good. Camera work is also good. But needed little editing.. first half is slow and second half is good. Expected climax. Heroine acting is good.shuas has done good job. Small comedy scenes are enjoyable. We can watch the movie for one time.

durga ani(Aug 05, 2020)

Satya dev as mahesh is a soft natured Who is a photographer and owns a studio in araku. His appearance is also suitable for his character in the movie. This soft natured guy will fight with the joginath who is angry all the time and seeks for disputes with others. In order to defeat him hero learns kung fu and he takes vow not to wear slippers until he wins. Will he win with that joginath? Watch the movie to know remaining story.

rajesh (Aug 04, 2020)

Good movie with a sweet revenge. Must watch this type of classic movies. Camera work is good. We don't see all the big fights heros make in all the movies. Comedy by suhas and naresh is good. Suhas done good job. Movie is totally good with no such hype scenes. Hero will learn kung fu to take revenge on joginath who beat hero in his village. And finally hero will love his sister. Climax is good. Watch the movie surely you will spend good time.

priya roy(Aug 04, 2020)

Satya dev is hero in this movie and can be seen fully as a villager who owns a photo studio in araku. He is not that perfect in photography he will know this with the entrance of second heroine who says him he is the worst photographer. Coming to first heroine who is friend from childhood and a nurse in hyderbad will marry another person. Hero is soft chartered person who lives with his father and takes good care of him. Suddenly some unexpected fight happens and he will take some vow and will concentrate on that.. watch the movie to know what is that fight and what vow he takes to take revenge.

ram (Aug 04, 2020)

director venkatesh maha second movie is uma maheswara ugra roopasya. this director is also famous for c/o kancharapalem. this movie is fully shooted in the aruku area. we can see the scenes that have natural look. satya dev acting is impressive. charcters around him also done well. cinematography is good. music is also good. hero loves a girl who is his childhood friend. but she will marry another person. and suddenly hero falls in a trouble with guy from next village and it leads to a dispute. hero takes a vow that until he defeat that person he wont wear slippers. second half is based on climax and another girl will fall for hero. to know all the story and comedy watch the movie with your family.

Rated 4.8 6