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And The Oscar Goes To (2020)

And The Oscar Goes To (2020)

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And The Oscar Goes To (2020) The movie opens with an intro of Issac Erahem ( Tovino Thomas) from a typical Muslim family , who is a passionate about  film making and dreamt to become Film director since childhood. He had prepared a script, but failed to impress it over producers, vexed with it, he started making film on his own as a producer too and got financial support from family. Here comes another difficult task, that he needs to convience actor for his film, with utmost efforts he convinces Aravindan ( Sreenivasan) to play lead role and shoot starts. The efforts of Issac had got huge applause and to a sudden surprise it was become a nominee in the list of Oscar selections. Things go ubnormal due to this, how Issac had faced each and every situation over Oscar processes ? What is the film directed by Issac which made nominee in Oscar list ? What are the struggles faced by Issac over entire process in second half forms the crux of the story..