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Johaar (2020)

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Johaar (2020) Five different stories are narrated non-linearly in the film.  After the demise of Chief Minister Achyutha Ramayya, his young son Vijay Varma (Krishna Chaitanya) occupies the highest position and seeks to make his father's legacy permanent by building the world's tallest statue. In Vizag, a passionate wannabe (Naina Ganguly) aims to become a national athlete by beating poverty and all odds.  Somewhere in Srikakulam, a poor man's widow (played by Eeswari Rao) struggles to make the ends meet and save her little daughter from being victimized by a kidney-related illness caused by polluted water. In Varanasi, the daughter of a pimp (Esther) falls in love with a tea-seller and begins a new life full of challenges.  Somewhere in Rayalaseema, an idealistic old man (Subhalekha Sudhakar) has to seek funds for the better future of the children at his orphanage..