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Sudani From Nigeria (2020)

Sudani From Nigeria (2020)

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Sudani From Nigeria (2020) Majeed is a football club manager in Malappuram and while his team plays for the Sevens tournament, one of the foreign players from Nigeria, Samuel, injures his leg. As he is advised a month of rest, Majeed takes Samuel to his home. But, it was just the beginning of a series of mishaps. The name Sudani from Nigeria is unique, but it does have a lazy downmarket tinge to it. And when you see the actors featured on its posters, most of whose faces aren’t quite familiar or rank among our top artistes, it’s easy to judge it as a project that might not offer much. All of the impressions are quashed soon after this refreshing sports drama begins and casually moves forward like a neighbourhood tale. This film shows how a story with a strong spine and actors of calibre can still put together a wonderfully entertaining and touching tale..