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Torbaaz (2020)

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Torbaaz (2020)  Dr. Naseer Khan (Sanjay Dutt) of the Indian Army returns to Afghanistan five years after he had lost his loved ones to a terror attack. A chance meeting with a bunch of kids from a refugee camp reignites his zest for life and the passion to give back to society by honing the cricketing skills of the aforementioned children.: Even after all these years, the pangs of separation are so intense that Dr. Khan sits at Delhi airport – all set to fly to Afghanistan, when the authorities announce his name for final boarding – but the dejected man in him lies to the ground staff, saying, “I have lost my boarding pass,” as the torn piece of paper sits comfortably next to him. Such is his fear of the place and the melancholic memories attached to them.His wife and son were blown up by a suicide bomber in Kabul, where he was holding a post at the Indian Embassy –who also happened to be a 10-year-old child.Despite the trauma, he visits the adoption function of a refugee camp dedicated to kids who do are burdened by misfortune and despair at a tender age and takes it upon himself to change the fate of these helpless individuals through the game of cricket..