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Alludu Adhurs (2021)

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Alludu Adhurs (2021) Seenu (Bellamkonda Sai) is a happy-go-lucky youngster from Hyderabad. He crosses paths with a dreaded Nizamabad village head named Jayapal Reddy (Prakash Raj), who hates the very idea of love after the death of his elder daughter Vasundhara (Anu Emmanuel).   What happens after Seenu falls in love at first sight with Jayapal Reddy’s younger daughter Koumudi (Nabha Natesh) and how he wins his love by overcoming the threat from Gaja (Sonu Sood) who served 20 years in prison, and the love stories featuring Seenu, Vasundhara and Gaja form the main crux of the story..