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Sulthan (2021)

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Sulthan (2021) Vikram aka Sulthan (Karthi) is a Robotics Engineer in Mumbai. His father Sethupathi (Nepolean) is a godfather in Vizag, with his lieutenant Mansoor (Lal) and 100 henchmen living under him for years. After Sethupathi’s demise, Sulthan vows to reform Mansoor and all the 100 henchmen. While Lord Sri Krishna took Pandavas’ side in Mahabharata, Sulthan takes his 100 henchmen’s (Kauravas) side and pleads them to quit crime and lead a normal life.   It is then that Sulthan visits a village in Amaravati and falls in love with a village girl named Rukmini (Rashmika Mandanna) and becomes a farmer to win her love. Sulthan also confronts a notorious village-head Jayendra (KGF Ram) and a powerful industrialist (Nawab Shah), who plan to snatch away the villagers’ agricultural lands to set up a Rs 10,000 crore iron ore mining company. Will Sulthan stop these forces and save the village? Will he succeed in reforming his Kauravas? You will have to watch the movie in cinemas to know the full story..