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Gaja Kesari (2021)

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Gaja Kesari (2021) Gajakesari tells the story of Krishna (Yash) who is a happy go lucky man and is also slated to be a successor to the pontiff of the Shankara Narayana Temple, in Mysore.  However, Krishna is not interested to pursue a life of devotion and in order for him to avoid being the pontifical successor, Krishna has to donate an elephant to the temple.  Krishna goes to a forest where he encounters a wild and aggressive elephant, which subdues to him once the elephant meets Krishna.  This feat is witnessed by the local tribes who believe Krishna as the reincarnation of Baahubali, a fierce army general from the past.  A tribal elder recounts the story of Baahubali (Yash) as an army general for a king.  The movie then rewinds 360 years into the past where Baahubali is a reputed warrior and tactician and with his pet elephant Balarama, Baahubali used to wreak havoc on the battlefield.  However, both Baahubali and Balarama lose their lives due to treachery.  Krishna gets into a clash with a local goon who wants to steal the tribal land and gets beaten up by him (goon.)  How, Krishna manages to let his past empower him and win over the goon and in the process saves the tribals from losing their land forms for the rest of the story..