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Prema Kanuka (2021)

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Prema Kanuka (2021) Karthi- a Tamil Hindu Brahmin boy (Dulquer Salmaan) and Riya- a Christian girl (Malavika Mohanan) elope one early morning to Ooty, fearing that the elders in the family will not accept their inter-religious relationship and a relationship of different castes. They return to their respective homes after a couple of days after having a fight. They convince their family members that they hate each other and vow never to see each other again. But their fathers plan to reunite them thinking that they have broken due to immaturedness and ego problems. Riya's father is a friend of Karthi's father. Riya's family [without Riya] visit Karthi's home and invite them to Riya's marriage. Meanwhile, both Riya and Karthi join in the same company to work. Due to losses in the company caused by Riya, she is expelled from her job. Soon after Karthi meet Riya and they express love for each other and decide to elope in a houseboat. However they are caught by their fathers .Karthi's father hands them a marriage invitation which reads " RIYA and KARTHIK". The movie ends as they both thank and hug their fathers. The film ends as they walk through their home happily..