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Shukra (2021)

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Shukra (2021) Willie (Arvind Krishna), Ria (Sreejita Ghosh) fall in love and get married. Willie loses heavily in business and he moves to Vizag with Ria and they both lead a happy life. Meanwhile, a gang of thieves loots bungalows and kills people on the city outskirts. On Ria’s birthday, Willie organizes a party which is attended by Ria’s cousins and friends.   Due to some unforeseen incidents at the party, 3 people are brutally murdered. What actually happened at the party that night? Who did those murders? Did the gang of robbers have anything to do with these murders? Why did they target Willie’s house? How did this murder case close in the end? You have to watch Shukra to know the answers to these questions..