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Mimi (2021)

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Mimi (2021) MIMI is the story of a girl who decides to become a surrogate mother. The year is 2013. Mimi Mansingh Rathore (Kriti Sanon) resides in a small town in Rajasthan. She dreams of becoming an actress and moving to Mumbai. She’s in touch with a man called Jolly (Nadeem Khan), who works in films. He asks her to move to Mumbai and pay him a few lakhs to get her portfolio done and even shoot a music video. Mimi isn’t that rich and hence, she’s trying to save. To earn, she does dance shows. At one such show, a foreigner couple Summer (Evelyn Edwards) and John (Aidan Whytock) happen to see her. They have been in India since a year to find a surrogate mother since Summer can’t conceive. They are searching for a fit and healthy girl and when they see Mimi, they realize that she’s apt to bear their child. They tell their driver, Bhanu Pratap (Pankaj Tripathi) to convince her. In return, they promise to pay him Rs. 5 lakhs to Bhanu. Bhanu readily agrees. He also manages to convince Mimi, especially when she’s told that she’d be paid Rs. 20 lakhs. Mimi agrees for surrogacy but realizes that she’ll have to hide her pregnancy from her parents, Mansingh Rathore (Manoj Pahwa) and Shobha (Supriya Pathak). So, she lies to them that she’s landed a role in a film for which she has to move to Mumbai immediately. She moves to the residence of her friend, Shama (Sai Tamhankar). Bhanu, too, moves in with her and pretends to be her husband. Mimi gets pregnant and all is going well. A few months later, Summer and John conduct tests which shows that the child in Mimi’s womb would be born with Down’s Syndrome. Summer and John are devastated with this development. They conclude that they didn’t sign up for this. They tell Bhanu to inform Mimi that she should abort the child. Without meeting her, they leave for their country, USA. Mimi is devastated upon hearing about their conduct. With no option, she returns to her home. Her parents are shocked obviously. Mimi lies that Bhanu is the father of the child. Mansingh and Shobha are obviously not happy with the development but they accept it. Finally, 9 months pass and Mimi delivers a boy. What happens next forms the rest of the film. .