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Romantic (2021)

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Romantic (2021) Set in Goa, the story begins with the voiceover of a police officer Ramya Gowarikar (Ramya Krishna), who narrates the intense and greatest love she had witnessed in her stint there.  Vasco Da Gama (Akash Puri), whose police officer’s father was killed on duty, has only one aim – to earn big money so that he can run a charity foundation for his grandmother Mary (Rama Prabha). He quickly joins the gang of smugglers. When his boss gets killed in a shootout, Vasco Da Gama becomes rich, but the police are chasing him. Meanwhile, the young boy is floored by the irresistible local beauty Monica (Ketika Sharma). Ramya Gowarikar arrests Vasco Da Gama in a case, and he gets a life sentence in that case. What will happen to his love story with Monica?.