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Swati Mutyam

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Swati Mutyam Kamal Haasan plays the role of Sivayya, an autistic person, living in a village with his grandmother. All he is good at is obeying what his trusted grandmother says. In an attempt to do good to Lalitha (Raadhika), a destitute young widow with a 5-year old son, the simpleton Sivayya marries her during an auspicious village festival. The villagers are shocked and try to harm him as his act goes against traditional societal norms. In the meantime, Sivayya's beloved grandmother dies. Lalitha wants to save her new husband's life and so moves with him and her son to a city in search of better prospects. With support from a few of their acquaintances, the family of three settles down. Life for them, from then on, looks good and promising. Lalitha begins to appreciate Sivayya's innocence and warmth. She grows closer to him and eventually bears him a son. Years pass, the children grow up, and then Lalitha breathes her last. Sivayya lives with her memories for a long time. At the end, he is seen leaving his old house in the company of his children and grandchildren, carrying with him a basil ('tulsi') plant which symbolizes his memories of Lalitha..
honest reviewer(Jul 04, 2015)

This without any doubt is one of the best telugu movies ever made and for that matter probably one of the best in the history of Indian cinema. Fantastic writing, fine camera work, great music and brilliant performances make this a timeless masterpiece. K.Viswanath is a great director, one of those few directors out there who can make some absolutely brilliant stuff. This one keeps you completely hooked from the beginning till the end. Absolutely class film making

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