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Veera Kankanam

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Veera Kankanam Mohan is the security officer of the kingdom.From last few months the common people of the kingdom are fecing many problems because of unknown cruel activists who are creating non-sense in the kingdom.All the people have come to the king to ask for help.The King had given the responsibility of catching them to Mohan(N.T.Ramarao).Chandra(Jagayya) is the son of the preist Rajaguru (Gummadi).Chandra is the only person who is performing all the illegel activities in the kingdom.And he is being supported by his father Rajaguru who is supposed to look after the good of the kingdom.Now Mohan has promised to the King that he will catch the cruels within ten days.Will Mohan be successful in his missiion and how will Rajguru save his son Chandra, forms the rest of the story.Watch it out in the movie Veera Kankanam..