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Sankarabharanam Considered to be one of the best films ever made in telugu, the movie deals with the character, of Sankara Sastry, who devotes his heart and soul (naadopasana) to Sangeet (divine music). At the height of popularity, he meets Tulasi (Manju Bhargavi)-dancer, who is also very interested in classical arts. Being impressed by Sankara Sastry's mastery over Sangeet, she tries to devote her entire life to learn and practice under his guidance. But as the caste-ridden society does not accept this union, she leaves Sastry's home only to come back after several years, this time with her son. In the meantime, Indian classical music takes a back seat with classical musicians finding it hard to earn their daily bread. Sankaram, son of Tulasi introduces himself as an orphan, finds a place in the master's house to learn Sangeet.  .
honest reviewer(Jul 04, 2015)

Its much more than classical music. It is about life ingeneral, relation ship between a Guru and his devoted pupil, a young couple who fell in love, a child who steps in to takes up his mothers place ... and many more stories beautifully woven into one wonderful ragamalika.

I would recommend this movie to all

Rated 0.9 1