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Bahubali (2015)

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Bahubali (2015) The film narrates a fictional historical story set in the fictional provincial kingdom of Mahismati. The story starts off with queen Sivagami (Ramya Krishna) leaving a newborn child on the banks of river to save him from enemies. Some tribal people rescue the child and raise him as Sivudu (Prabhas). The story forwards to some years and Sivudu is now a youngster.  At the same time in the province of Mahismati, King Bhallaladeva (Rana), a ruthless king who treats his citizens as slaves, has kept queen Devasena (Anushka) as a prisoner. Kattappa, who oversees the slaves, is loyal to Devasena but is helpless. Hiding secretly outside the kingdom, a warrior gang is waiting to free Devasena. One of the gang members is Avanthika (Tamannah). Sivudu who is bewitched by the beauty of Avanthika, wins her love with his heroic feats and promises that he would free Devasena.  Who is Devasena, who actually is Sivudu, and more importantly who is Baahubali?  .
Nox (Apr 24, 2017)

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sai tarun(Aug 08, 2016)

Bahubali the beginning is one amazing movie. High budget and very beautifully picturised. I advice every person to watch this movie atleast for the sake of visual effects. Words are noth enough to discribe it. Perfect characters and acting of each great actors and actresses are wonderful. Waiting for the second part to come.

burle (Aug 08, 2016)

Great effort of the Director & his family. It is a Sunrise in Telugu movie industry. Good editing, melodious music of course, not that much hit !! Beginning for High standard in Telugui industry !! DIRECTOR tried to extract the real action from the actors nearest to reality ! Budget is heavy !! All producers cannot afford such type of budget, and it is also not advisable, in such a country like India !! We have to encourage low budget pictures very much !!

Venu (Aug 08, 2016)

Mind Blowing and Fantastic Telugu Movie. nThanks for S.S.Rajamouli Sir for making History to Telugu Film Industry!nnRamya Krishna's acting was marvelous as Shivagami Devi. No words to say about Prabhas and Rana's roles and their acting, simply awesome.

Śíddű Śaŕdáář(May 29, 2016)


Sanjay Reddy(May 16, 2016)

SS Rajamouli's best work till date is Magadheera, Eega and Maryada Ramanna. Had a great expecations on Bahubali but this is not upto the mark.Part1 is mostly gone in introducing the characters. Hope part2 will rock....

nandu d(Aug 10, 2015)

Some products needs no promotion ( read iphones) and the product sells on its own. Some scale to a different level with proper amount of promotion. Bahubali belongs to the second category.
I haven't heard of any other movie in recent times, which has been so much discussed, publicized and created hype. And the product does stand up to the hype created and that is the first step to success. All the hard work put in the product by entire team shows up on screen, which brings a good movie experience to the viewer. Watching the movie in XD and Dolby Atmos, enhanced the experience.
Rajamouli is one director who has mastered humbleness with every success he achieves. May be his humble nature and down to earth approach gets him more success. He is a good story teller, who can invoke right emotions from audience and this time, he depends on visual experience than the story and dialogues to evoke the same. His star cast supported him in this dream, and producers believed and had the same vision. And they are duly rewarded for the same.
All in all, not a regular movie which would happen every year, and that adds up to novelty factor to the movie.
I would personally rate it as the director's best movie so far, even with its own shortcomings.

tejaswi monangi(Jul 11, 2015)

An Incomplete part of an Interesting storyline. Has everything a movie need but just the totality of the story is lacking,

P.S : If it were made as a single movie, It'd have blasted off at all the Movie Festivals.

honest reviewer(Jul 09, 2015)

While the world sits up in anticipation of S S Rajamouli’s ambitious, 160 odd crore period – drama, it’s got to be said that Baahubali is a film of queer contradictions. Technically, it blasts open the hypotheses of cinema and goes where few have attained earlier. There is enough here that will excite and beatify fans. But there’s also a lot in it that exacerbates normal crowd. For a visually game-changing film, Rajamouli opts for a folklore and love story that are way too common and at times, even moth-eaten. There’s an overall lack of feelings in Baahubali. With that said, maybe a duology is just too much to ask of “Baahubali”, and hopefully Baahubali – the conclusion will be more superior to the part one.


Rated 7.3 9