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Venkatadri Express

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Venkatadri Express Ram Murthy (Nagineedu) is a retired headmaster who does not tolerate mistakes. He enforces a strict code of conduct in his family and anyone making more than a 100 mistakes is banished from the household. Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan) is his youngest son and Ram Murthy is quite irritated with the young lad’s behaviour. Sundeep has racked up a score of 99/100 in the mistakes department and he is one mistake away from being banished from the family. Meanwhile, a marriage alliance is fixed for Sundeep’s elder brother Brahmaji (Brahmaji) and the entire family boards the Venkatadri Express to travel to Tirupati for the wedding. As usual, Sundeep gets into trouble and misses the train. Afraid of being banished from the family, Sundeep tries his best to catch up with the train. He must beg, borrow and even steal in order to get onto the train before Tirupati. How Sundeep manages to do that and what happens during his journey is what this movie is all about..
chiru123 (Sep 05, 2016)

super movie,rakul preeth singh acting was super in this movie sapyhagiri and thagabhotu ramesh had done good job in this movie.

Venu (Sep 05, 2016)

sundeep kishan acting was super and the sapthagiri action is super and he is the highlight of this movie,the overall movie is good entertainment family watchaable movie.

Rated 1.7 2