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24 (2016)

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24 (2016) Shiva Kumara(Suriya) is a scientist who invents a time traveling watch. Seeing the varied profits that this watch can generate, Shiva’s brother, Athreya(Suriya) goes all out and kills Shiva Kumar and his wife(Nitha Menen). But luckily, Shiva Kumar somehow safe guards the watch and his little son and hands him over to Saranya. 25 years pass by, and Athreya once again comes looking for the watch which is now with Mani(Suriya), son of Shiva Kumar. During this process, Mani comes to know about the power of the watch and the evil intentions of Athreya. Rest of the story is as to how Mani manages to save the watch and faces the dreaded Athreya..
burle (Aug 03, 2016)

Surya's acting as a villain s mind blowing. best try Surya has given, hardworking is seen clearly. though certain dialogues feel repeated it goes well. Time machine concept s a bold attempt, surely every individual wl understand! Concept might take time to reach, since its Surya it might reach immediately. Keep rocking! our complete support for all ur movies, Surya! Keep Rocking!

rayudu (Aug 03, 2016)

24 is one of the few Tamil movies that are really world class especially in the technical department. Especially cannot forget the scene where Surya touches rain drops after freezing time. Hats off ! Story and screenplay are well thought and tightly woven with ample twists. Surya as usual is at his best. Samantha has done her part well. In all, this movie is another feather to cherish in Tamil Cine Industry's heavy cap. Must watch in theatres for its excellent cinematography.

sai tarun(Aug 03, 2016)

Excellent twists and turns in the plot makes the movie a worth watch. What a performance from Suriya!!! Does fantastically in the triple role. Samantha has also dine well. Nice cinematography and visuals as well. Good concept of time travelling. There could be sequel as well:) Hope so...

Nizam RDx(May 10, 2016)

#24 is Superb. .. movie.....

Nanbanz South Paravur(May 10, 2016)


Munna Sabeel(May 07, 2016)

Unbeatable science fiction movie in the history of Tamil movie & it's always different story.

Anroop Khalifa(May 07, 2016)

24 the symbol of excellence Padam vera level Gethu.......!!!!♡♡♡

kirti (May 06, 2016)

24 is a different type of story which revolves around invention of a watch for time travel by dr shiva Kamari (surya ) and his brother Athreya ( Surya) trying to steal the watch and following to kill him to have the watch for himself. The movie is quite engaging with surya-Samantha love track and also includes family drama.The movie includes excellent visuals in songs and is worth a watch.

Rated 6.5 8