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Bichagadu (2016)

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Bichagadu (2016) Bichagadu is a story of a rich man who will be forced to become a beggar due to some circumstances. The role of the rich man is played by Vijay Antony. Satna Titus played the female lead role in this action thriller movie. Apart from the lead roles, the movie has John Kennedy and Bagavathi Perumal in supportive roles. What made the rich man leave his pleasures and start begging and how did the heroine and all the other characters have entered his life and how did they affect the hero’s life is all that is to be watched in the theaters..
rayudu (Sep 12, 2016)

Its a superb movie, now a days not coming different types of movies. Hero vijay antony acting is amazing. i saw his previous movie dr.saleem its also nice movie. when i saw poster his movie i expected this bichagadu movie also good. This movie is a different story balanced on believing in god, mothers love, sacrificing money and life, girl friend love, taking care of mother. Totally i impressed with this movie.

burle (Sep 12, 2016)

best direction, music with a best screen play and photography and most of a best performance by the characters ... what's so need more these for a's an excellent idea of an different story's an complete worth all can enjoy happily...

Venu (Sep 12, 2016)

this is good movie mother centimentis hilet asomemovie Vijay anthony acting is good very very good story in a days bichhagadu is a wonderfull movie and very very thankayou for shasi sir thanks so much and commedy and fights full entertainment and climax is most hilet ...thanks you.

Rated 2.6 3