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2.0 (2018)

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2.0 (2018) The story of 2.0 is so simple that it could be explained in two lines but I’ll not tell either of them just because I want everyone to experience this first-hand. Without any spoilers, let’s just say Dr. Waseegaran has a new robot in Nila (Amy Jackson) and she’s breathtakingly beautiful to start with. Waseegaran wants Chitti back but because of back-door politics, this becomes a tough task. Chitti comes back to fight Pakshi Raja (Akshay Kumar) and no my friends that’s not a spoiler. The entire story revolves around this entertaining face-off. But what makes it different is the cause because of which this delightful chaos is created on screen. [Now, that’s the limit to which I can convince you to go to see the film, without talking anything about the story. Please go!].
ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


jyo lucky(Nov 29, 2018)

ROBO,2.0 rajni kanth and akshyakumar ammy jackoson a big star cast and shankar direction make movie high range ,here story is a sequal of robo and robo 2.o ,akshaykumar was scientific villan ,he make humans to dont use mobile phones and make them feared ,in this this time govt ask vassikar make this destrcution to stop,vasiakr want to chitti back to solve this problem ,here chitti also cant stop and he decied to create 2.0 of his version in negative robo and stop the akshay,in all these 2d and 3d make movie hollywood range action ,so dont miss to watch on ur neat theaters .

bhanu bhavani(Nov 29, 2018)

robo 2.0 is back with hight value of graphics and visual effects ,rajni kanth as chiiti and vasiakr and robo 2.0 three different characters maintained to see ,as per story robo story and 2.0 is more better ,story wise it an beautiful picture ,so over all its an high and handsome to watch still climax ,ar rehman music also super ,ammy jackson also act super ,akshyakumar was main villan for technology make humans mad he was brutal on communication and humans and chiiti and vasikar want to stop his violence with the help of 2.0.

abhi smart(Nov 29, 2018)

2. 0 releases world wide in detaers ,a great creation of shankar is now trending in deaters ,rajni kanth and akshayakumar ,as two combo in power full action,is now in 3d varitaion so audience are full excite to watch ,first half is good and second half is also super chitti action and 2.o action scenes are amazing graphics to see still climax ,ar rehman back round beezem also make movie highlight.

durga ani(Nov 20, 2018)

sensationa; director and hero & sequal of block buster in world ,robo 2.0 ,here shankar makes movie in high level from part 1 and now this movie as part 2 coming and ,visual effects and graphics all are high level to show the feast of indian cinema to whole world ,so a must awaited movie ,from thailva rajni kanth and akshaykumar as villan role ,all and all its an power back combo to audience to watch on big screen ,so movie lovers get ready to watch this ultimate magic on screen on 29th ,get ready .

satya phani(Jan 20, 2018)

most awaited moive from whole world ,robo 2.0,rajnikanth and akshyakumar .great cast and director shankar makes movie in high range and action ,thriller .music from a r rehman ,all set to release in world wide .hope moive will be a great block buster to the team.

Rated 3.2 6