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Winner (2017)

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Winner (2017) Winner story starts with Sai Dharam Tej, who leads a simple life and falls in love with Rakul Preet Singh. After she enters into his life, a lot of changes happened and unexpectedly he has a fight with Jagapati Babu and Anoop Thakur and they are at logger heads always. At one point of time, Sai Dharam Tej is being challenged by the Anoop to defeat him a horse race. Watch the movie to know whether he wins the race or not and who is Rakul Preeth Singh?.
durga ani(Mar 13, 2018)

moive is an nice action way and here .hero is an normal guy and loves heroien and in sudden twist he had a challenge with own father as a viral ,so y he want to challenge for his own father is the movie ,screenplay makes movie an nice action and way on this way .

abhi smart(Mar 13, 2018)

winner sai dharma tej movie ,here movie is an nice action entertainer and youthful movie ,here story is an challenge to get his love back from heroiens father ,here story is an nice action and musical entertainer ,director makes movie in good way of zone to accept here movie is an nice action ,screen play makes moive in goo way over all its an average movie.

satya phani(Mar 13, 2018)

winner here sai dharma tej another mass entertainer ,here coming to story hero mother dies in her child hood and he hates her father for some reasons these are screenplayed by her grand father ,hero was ran away from his father he grown up and he knows the real fact about her father and want come back to her father s place here in between he love with heorien rakul and want a challenge from his own father ,here what is the stroy about an challenge is the movie ove all its an nice action entertainer .

apnewscorner (Feb 24, 2017)

Winner may not appeal to the audience where in they are looking out for something new these days.

Rated 1.5 4