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Spyder (2017)

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Spyder (2017) Mahesh Babu works in Intelligence and his job is to identify and nab the miscreants. A mysterious death gets him involved in a case and he finds out two Psychopaths are involved. Then begins the Cat and Mouse game where he fights against them and finally the movie ends where Mahesh moves to preachy mode! A simple plot, but when it comes to Murder mystery it would always be exciting. So, let's see whether AR Murugadoss has done justice to the plot and Mahesh Babu's stardom..
satish kuncham(Oct 01, 2017)

Disappointed and not a good movie to watch. Technical part is good but second half of the movie is logic less it get's irritate us we may get headache too. first half is good. very bad thing is full of thamilians not so good. I don't recommend this movie to watch because in the second half I got headache.

abhi smart(Sep 27, 2017)

mahesh action is an main mark in movie sypder is an bolck buster from this week end .first half liitle bit love and action way.second half with villan revenje scenes are super ..screen play is nice and music is good its an action entertainer .

jyo lucky(Sep 27, 2017)

its an actionentetainer in mahesh career ,coming to movie is an director movie with high budjet and scenes .are good music is good and directio is nice .rakul action in movie is good .mahesh actio and director mrugudas cappabilty make spyder as a block buster .

satya phani(Sep 27, 2017)

mahesh babu is come back in this week end .as spyder ,coming to moive first half is excllent and second half with villan action is super .screen play is nice and music is good finally its a bolck buster

bhanu bhavani(Sep 23, 2017)

expecting from a huge response from most awaited moive from this year .SPYDER ,from super star MAHESH BABU ,and with combo tamil big director mrugudas ,coming to story mahesh as (shiva) as a cbi agent ,and what is his job and in between he had love with heroein and in sudden he solve the cases ,he tapped phones who are terror to national system ,and here he had war with villan .whos that and what is the war how he solve the problem is the story .so it make a block buster from this dashara .watch it on big screen .

Rated 2.8 5