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Saaho (2019)

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Saaho (2019) SAAHO is the story of a mysterious man on a mission. The foreign city of Waaji is ruled by gangsters and criminals and the biggest of them is Roy (Jackie Shroff). He cleverly manages to get the approval of an Indian minister, Ramaswamy (Tanikella Bharani) for a hydro project in India. He then reaches Mumbai and this is where he’s killed in a road accident. His son Vishwank (Arun Vijay) then takes over, which angers Devraj (Chunky Panday) as he wants to sit on Rao’s throne. Meanwhile the Mumbai crime branch is investigating the death of Roy and other related crimes. The case is handed over to Ashok Chakravarthy (Prabhas), a macho and extremely intelligent officer. He insists that Amritha Nair (Shraddha Kapoor) is also made a part of his team after he gets smitten by her photograph. While scanning the CCTV footage, they come across a mysterious person (Neil Nitin Mukesh) who they believe is a suspect. In the absence of evidence though, he can’t be arrested. Ashok however manages to speak to him and finds out that he’s hunting for a black box which can be used to access the wealth left by Roy in Waaji. Not just this chap but even Vishwank is trying to find the black box, which is hidden in Mumbai. He sends his associate Kalki (Mandira Bedi) who for some reason secures the box but instead of taking it to Waaji, she deposits it in a bank. When the mysterious person comes to get it, the cops who are already on his trial arrest him. However, the cops get a shock of their lives at this point when they realize they have a mole in their team. The mole runs away with the black box and this baffles not just the police force but also the gangsters of Waaji. What happens next forms the rest of the film..
durga ani(Aug 31, 2019)

good action thriller movie. bit of confusion is there but everything is ok..

rajesh (Aug 31, 2019)

sahoo. an action bang movie. fully energetic stunts. this is a hollywood range movie. prabhas as ashok who is an under cover cop. kiss scene is good. there are not many twists but twists which are there in movie are perfect. if u dont like the movie atleast watch it for the climax scene. that is superb. go and watch in theaters.

priya roy(Aug 31, 2019)

sahoo.. waited so much with more excitement. but it swept all our excitement. there is a confusion in the movie. stunts are good. prabhas has done good job, but direction is very poor by sujith. this movie may collect the money but cannot hit the box office. prabhas is intelligent under cover cop. climax is good. there are two twists one in the first half and another one in climax thats it..remaining is casual story.

ram (Aug 31, 2019)

sahoo.. finally released. not a flop movie but can watch once. all the fault is in sujith direction. hero action and stunts are good. but in some part of the movie there are unnecessary stunts. screen play is also average. music also became minus part in the movie.. this movie has father centiment. sharda kapoor and prabhas romance also not well directed. overall can watch the movie once. watch it with your friends in theater.

satya phani(Aug 31, 2019)

this is fully an action thriller movie. prabhas stunts are good. if we observe carefully total movie runned on the story line. this is not a romantic or comedy movie, fully action power packed movie in my view. music by gibran is not so highlight except one or two songs. for action lovers this movie is going to be a good entertainer. first half there is a twist which the remaining movie is based. sujith direction is not up to the mark. but he proved in the last 20 minutes of the movie. dont listen to the negative around you. plz go and watch the movie in theaters.

abhi smart(Jul 08, 2019)

SAAHO... Director is Sujith and producers are Vamsi and Pramod and Bushan kumar. First song trailer was released - psycho saiyaan and eagerly waiting for the movie on aug 15 2019. music director is SHANKAR EHSAAN LOY. Background score by Ghibran. Movie budget is 300 crores. all the best for saaho team.. waiting for big screen release..

kavitha dindi(Jul 08, 2019)

Most awaited movie.. as we know our rebel star is a hero and shraddha kapoor is a heroine. this an action oriented movie. we have plenty of expectations after bahubali.. let us see what is going to happen..

ajay p(Dec 21, 2018)


Rated 5.3 8