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Dangal (2016)

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Dangal (2016)  Mahavir Singh Phogat [Aamir Khan] is a wrestler whose sole dream is to win gold for India in the sport of wrestling and since he is unable to do so himself, he decides that he will train his son to become a champion. However, Mahavir is blessed with daughters and feels his dream of winning a medal for India lies shattered. One day, Mahavir gets to know that his young daughters have had an altercation with neighbourhood boys and bashed them black and blue. That’s when he realises that his dream of winning a gold medal for the country in wrestling could be achieved by his daughters. Mahavir decides to train his young daughters into world class wrestlers. The girls are reluctant initially and find it tough to cope with the gruelling training sessions, but soon become proficient in the sport. Will Geeta and Babita manage to fulfil their father’s dream? - See more at:
jyo lucky(Jan 20, 2018)

dangal moive is an nice inspirational movie for all indians ,here women in all way they have stamina to so ,first half is an nice family emotional and asset from ammer khan make movie ina high range in that over all its an inspirational way of movie .

bhanu bhavani(Jan 20, 2018)

moive dangal is an bipoic of indian athelte bavitha singh,here ameer khan action like father and a bipic stroy is an nice emotional and sentimental,every indian make feel proud to see that women enpowerment on his attitude here over all its an emotinal and inspirational movie .

abhi smart(Jan 20, 2018)

moive dangal ,here first half is an nice comedy and good entertainer .ammer khan acts like father is nice and biopic of indian athlete is nice second half is an nice action and emotional message to see by all indian s to feel proud .every women feel proud be an women .

durga ani(Jan 20, 2018)

dangal ,movie is an biopic of bhavitha singh indian athlete in history and her life and family story ,here first half is an nice and emotional scenes are done by ameerkhan action is nice four talented girls done there best to watch over all its an nice moive .

satya phani(Jan 20, 2018)

moive ,dangal here moive is an bipoic of indain great boxer and his family story.ammerkhan make action like father andtrain his daughters to like pahilvan,first half is an nice senes and emotions and some comedy .second half is an srs action and nice screenplay make movie good hit .

Rated 4 5