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Meda Meeda Abbayi (2017)

Meda Meeda Abbayi (2017)

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Meda Meeda Abbayi (2017) Meda Meeda Abbayi tells the story of a carefree guy and the various problems that he faces after secretly taking a selfie with his neighbor. The movie is a remake of Malayalam movie Oru Vadakkan Selfie. It is a full length comedy movie where hero seems to have bucked the trend which had disappointed his fans. Allari Naresh movies have a decent craze for the family audiences now. His movies were well honoured by families. However, Allari Naresh is desperately looking for a blockbuster. .
ramachandrababu gandikota(Sep 11, 2017)

nice movie

abhi smart(Sep 08, 2017)

a new and fresh love story from director g prajith new talented with combo of allari naresh ,nikhila vimal a new heroein over all a fresh combo and stoty as good positive review in all centers so this weekend it wiil be feel good movie for all class people .

durga ani(Sep 08, 2017)

comedy king is back with love story ,movie is gone be a good romantic feel .from begining also movie poster also so good to see and movie direction and screen play is nice.comedy is good so its an entertainer watch with family as a good movie for this friday .

bhanu bhavani(Sep 08, 2017)

this weekend from allari naresh come back with a roamantic love story .this friday he fought with another two moives ,so be hope this movie as gone a hit with good story and alla naresh comedy timing heplful in every movie so this week its an family entertainer to watch .story and direction is good so movie will be have + points so it can be good movie .

satya phani(Sep 04, 2017)

a romantic titiel from allari naresh and nikhila vimal a fresh face to screen,literally naresh movie as main thing comedy so hoping in this love and fun from him ,picture poster and motin poster seems good feel on that its a awaited from him to back with a good hit for this friday to had race with two moives so just watch who will hit the box office.

Rated 3.4 5