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Gruham (2017)

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Gruham (2017) Krish(Siddharth) and Lakshmi(Andrea) are a couple who lead a happy life together. One fine day, a lovable family join them as their neighbors. As time passes by, one of the family members, Jenny, gets transformed into an evil spirit and starts troubling everyone badly. Who is this evil spirit? Why is it targeting the family? and how does Krish handle this entire situation? To know the answers to all these questions, you need to watch the film on the big screen..
durga ani(Nov 17, 2017)

movie is an horror action from recent movies siddarth action is good and to watch it agai in this film .first half is an calm and good screenplay impact on story and screenplay makes movie to watch an intereste to all audience so over all its an entertainer from all team.

bhanu bhavani(Nov 17, 2017)

moive from siddarth as back again with some horror action ,here movie story is nice and acion from cast also good to watch first half is an calm and cool and here interval back and climax is good to watch .over all its an entertainer .

abhi smart(Nov 17, 2017)

gruham an horrror movie from siddarth .here movie is an thriller direction by director,story is an devil feeds an girl and how hero solve and finally survive him and his family neighbours also .movie is an horror action scenes are super to watch .

satya phani(Nov 17, 2017)

after a long back an action horror moive siddarth as (krish)and heroien andrea as (lakshmi)wife and husband loveble couple ,and one family has come beside as nieghbhours ,in that family jenii as spirit of devil insist her ,jenii was trouble all tha family numbers and krish family also .how krish managed and survived from that devil is the moive .

jyo lucky(Nov 14, 2017)

gruham ,after long back siddartha bounce back in telugu by dubbed from tamil .here the story is an horror .andrea with siddarth ,director girish make moive an high quality and good effect screen play makes a role .every frame it s good to watch .hope thi moive an horror action entertainer to whole team

Rated 3 5