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Okka Kshanam (2017)

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Okka Kshanam (2017) Jeeva(Allu Sirish) and Jo(Surabi) are a couple who are neck deep in love. When everything seems to be going well in their life, they come across a couple played by Srinivas Avasarala and Seerat Kapoor who are going through a lot in their marriage. To their shock, they find out that whatever is happening in the couple’s life is getting repeated in their lives as well.   Upset with this, they come to know that it is a parallel life concept which is happening in their lives too. The twist in the tale arises when Seerat Kapoor gets killed all of a sudden and things go haywire. So, keeping the parallel concept in mind, will Jo get killed too? and How will Jeeva handle these situations? That forms the rest of the story..
durga ani(Dec 28, 2017)

okaa kshanam ,movie is a thriller action story ,here first half is an comedy and family love and emotions ,and interval back drop is nice ,here second half is an main thrille happend in one another life with same to these ,what happend and how they solve there problem rest of the story ,sirish action and maturity level is good and got a hit .

bhanu bhavani(Dec 28, 2017)

movie is an action and thriller concept,here allu sirish got a hit last month of this year ,here allu sirish action is good ,first half is an comedy entertainer and family emotions also ,second half is an thriller way they got some problems some other life will they face ,what happend and what is the problem how sirish solve the problem rescue his family is the movie ,over all its an action entertainer .

jyo lucky(Dec 28, 2017)

okka kshanam ,here movie is an thriller and action way ,coming to story is an cycological way of story ,director make movie in a thriller way till end to climax,music is good and family auidience moive will watch and have fun ,full comedy also over all christmas block buster on this week end .

abhi smart(Dec 28, 2017)

moive ,okka kshanam here allu sirish got a hit from last month of this year ,coming to story ,is a war between love and destiny .sirish and surabhi actiong is good ,movie is a acycological way of going ,family emotions and music all set to get positive reports to movie .

satya phani(Dec 23, 2017)

okaa kshanam ,movie from seerish,here story is an destiny and logical movie and director vi anandh is an expert for these type movies ,so it can be a block buster to allu sirish.

Rated 3.1 5