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Bharat Ane Nenu (2018)

Bharat Ane Nenu (2018)

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Bharat Ane Nenu (2018) Oxford University graduate and UK resident, Bharat returns to home country India, following a tragedy in his family. Due to lobbying among rival factions, God Father Varada makes Bharat as next CM of Andhra Pradesh.  Stricken by the poor living standards of the people in India, Bharat dons the role of a reformist Chief Minister. His honest and rapid steps to bring responsibility and accountability in the society and in the ruling party, form the story..
jyo lucky(Apr 21, 2018)

BHARAT ANE NENU ,HERE movie is an nice action and message oriented movie ,here bharat is an nice guy and studys in london ,in one day come back to india his father died and ,and he want to become cm ,he decides and rules the andhra pradesh and ,he make society clean with he promise to do when he become cm ,this message is good to watch and over all its ani block buster movie .

bhanu bhavani(Apr 21, 2018)

BHARAT ANE NENU ,here mahesh babu come back with another mass and message entertainer .here first half is an nice drama and songs also good second half is an nice dsp music and also make good to moive is an nice block bsuter .

satya phani(Apr 21, 2018)

BHARAT ANE NENU ,here movie is an nice action and entertainer ,here kortala siva ,director mark and mahesh babu as cm ,here first half is nice coming to stroy ,mahesh babu studys in london and ,he suddenly came to india and ,he want to become cm in andhra pradesh ,second half how bharat take and action and change the system ,and here heroein kaira also good action ,dsp music and screen play also good over all its an blcok buster

abhi smart(Apr 17, 2018)

bharat ane nenu ,here movie is an nice action elements and ,all way ,mahesh babu is again come back with another message oriented this time moive is an politcal ,mahesh as cm in his career .so already movie trailers are gone good .

durga ani(Apr 17, 2018)

BHARAT ANE NENU ,here super star mahesh babau is coming on this summer ,with beautiful stroy ,here director korataal siva makes movie an good imapct and music dsp already done his best and heroien kiara also ,all and all movie is an nice .

Rated 3.5 5