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Crime 23 (2018)

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Crime 23 (2018) The film takes off with the suspicious murders of a Church father and pregnant women named Jessica. The case is handed over to Assistant Commissioner of police Vijay(Arun Vijay). As Vijay digs deep into the case, he comes to know that both the murders have a connection with the high-profile medical mafia. Who are these medical mafia? Why are they targeting pregnant ladies? and how does Vijay solve the case is the rest of the story..
satya phani(Sep 07, 2018)

CRIME 23 movie the story is an nice action ,arun vijay was acp and he handel a dangerous crime story ,who killed a pregnant lady and chruch father ,y they killed and who killed them .he chasing cases from clews and he knwo a medical mafia was killing pregnant ladys y they killing is the story how arun was chased who was the master in this watch on big screen .

bhanu bhavani(Sep 07, 2018)

movie from arun vijay ,he was well known actor in tamil and how ever story is like crime ,and mudrerd a pregnant lady and church father ,y medical mafia killing pregnant ladys to slove this case arun acp comiisioner was appointed so here how he solved the case and he takes the challenge .over all movie is nice .

abhi smart(Sep 07, 2018)

CRIME 23 ,MOVIE these type of storys are creats interest to audience and how ever arun vijay takes the challange in the story a mystory of the murdres of a pregnant women and church father ,here movie is little slow and action scenes are good to watch still climax .

Rated 0.9 3