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Nota (2018)

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Nota (2018) Vasudev ( Nasser ) , the chief minister of Telangana state , is a hero turned politician. He makes son Mr. Varun ( Vijay Deverakonda) as proxy CM on the advice of a Swami Ji. After Vasudev goes to jail on corruption charges, the responsibility of running the state remains with Varun who is a novice in politics. Rest of the story is all about the hurdles Varun encounters as CM.
jyo lucky(Oct 05, 2018)

director ANNANDH ,written this story for vijay body launguage ,NOTA ,political back drop story ,here movie was a aroung a present politics way in society.nazar as vasudev CM OF telengana he was an some legal issues and he all want to drop down from cm post and he take an advice from svamiji and make his son vijay (varun ) as cm ,varun was play boy and how ever he dont know about politics and get in this postion ,so how varun deals with this postion and however he was changed and how he done as cm is the story ,all over movie get a postive talk from audience .

abhi smart(Oct 05, 2018)

vijay devarakonda was back with another action enteratainer ,NOTA ,A POLITCAL BAACK DROP DRAMA ,vijay as varun son a vasusdev (nazar) as chief minister of telangana was he had some issues from politics and he taken advise from swamiji and make his son as cm and he drop down ,here varun was play boy and how he handle the this power and how made his character change all in this aspects are created by director annadh ,screen play was good and music also fime ,meheren done his best in her character ,all set audience give postive response for movie .

satya phani(Oct 05, 2018)

NOTA releases finally morning show on wards auidence are floating to watch ,this political drama movie ,coming story vasudev (nazar) was cheif minister of telangana and he got some issues to drop down cm position so he deciede to make his son as cm advice of swamiji,varun (vijaydevarakonda) ,and here how vijay takes the responsibilties and made people happy and how he change the attitude of a play boy in to respectable postion ,watch on big screen.

bhanu bhavani(Oct 01, 2018)

NOTA ,a coomon right for vote ,taking this as a subject and present situatuions on politics based by director anandh shankar written and vijay was acting as cm role in this movie ,audience also very much excited to watch vijay as cm role ,music by sam and how ever its an nice action movie .releases on oct 5th ,

durga ani(Oct 01, 2018)

after a hug block buster ,vijay devarakonda was coming with a message oreinted movie ,NOTA,its different set of attitude for vijay and this movie story goes on political back drop ,and in this vijay act as cm also ,so director anand was make this scrtpt in a huge level of vijay body laungauge so this movie will be trending hit of aspair creating interest to audience to watch ,so wait for oct 5th and watch on big screen.

Rated 3 5